Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Blueberry Incident

Perhaps I shouldn't blog this, as it is a bit embarrassing on my part. But, I'm going to share it anyway.

Last week when I started the Organic Crusades, I bought some fresh whole blueberries. I've eaten blueberries in plenty of things: yogurts, pies, smoothies, but I have never in my whole entire life eaten whole fresh blueberries. So, I bought a package and honestly had forgotten about them. Until tonight when I was doing my nightly fridge rummage. I grabbed a handful and washed them off and popped a few in my mouth. They were good. Not as flavorful as I thought they would be, but they were good. I took another berry and bit into and just happened to look at it. And whaddya know!?! Blueberries aren't blue!! At least the fleshy fruit part itself isn't! I was confused - as I had never eaten a blueberry before. I asked my husband "Are blueberries supposed to be blue?" He looked me the same way Nick Lachey looked at Jessica Simpson when she asked if tuna was fish or chicken. He didn't respond, so I asked him again.
Husband: "Are you serious?"
Me: "Yes. I thought blueberries were blue. These blueberries aren't blue. They're white. Just the skin is blue."
Husband: "Well, yeah. How many naturally occurring blue things do you see in nature?"
Me: "Bluebirds."
Husband: "So, one."
Me: "Well, I thought BLUEBERRIES would be BLUE!!"
Husband: "You're goofy. Just the skin is blue."
Me: "Yeah, I can see that." *sigh*

This whole fiasco really scarred me. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to look at a blueberry the same way. I was so excited to bite into it to see a juicy blue fruit flesh. But, no. I got white stuff. Not blue. It looked like the inside of a York Peppermint Patty. It threw me completely off. This will take a little while to recover from.

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