Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't been able to go shop for organics at the market I usually use. Things have been 100 different kinds of hectic, and I just plain ol' don't have time to drive the extra 20 minutes there and back to shop. Plus, we're watching our budget, so I have to be smart about it.
I know, I'm terrible. I'm still reading labels, though, and that helps. I am able to make healthy choices that way.
Chris and I have been more active. Yesterday all of us, kids included, did a 2.2 mile hike. We came home and did a couple of p90x workouts sans kiddos. I'm hoping we keep the momentum up and keep working out. It's something productive and healthy for us to do together.

Oh. And I made a chocolate caramel cheesecake from scratch. It was amazing. And unhealthy.

Question: What's your biggest food avoidance and why?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Going for broke

It costs alot of money to eat healthy. It costs alot less to eat crap.

I'm buying organic when I can, but it's really tough finding time to get to the grocery that actually sells organic items.

Things are coming along, but the past few days we've eaten only a handful of organic and natural items - because that's all we have left in the house and I haven't had a chance to get to the grocery.

Short blog, but it's time for bed. Up since 5:30 am, worked 11 hours, picked up the boys, dinner, visit to the in-laws to pick up husband's new guitar amp and microphone, trip to the local grocery (no organics) to get some milk and items to make a cobbler for a family reunion tomorrow, home, boys changed into jammies, nighttime beverages made, boys in bed, made cobbler, 5 minutes of "whew" time, and now it is time for bed. Even busier day tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I'll check in with hopefully something more interesting next time!

Since I have some followers and no comments (what's up with that?) I think I will post a question at the end of every blog - just something random and to see what kind of response I will get.

Here it is: What is your edible guilty pleasure?