Friday, September 3, 2010

Going for broke

It costs alot of money to eat healthy. It costs alot less to eat crap.

I'm buying organic when I can, but it's really tough finding time to get to the grocery that actually sells organic items.

Things are coming along, but the past few days we've eaten only a handful of organic and natural items - because that's all we have left in the house and I haven't had a chance to get to the grocery.

Short blog, but it's time for bed. Up since 5:30 am, worked 11 hours, picked up the boys, dinner, visit to the in-laws to pick up husband's new guitar amp and microphone, trip to the local grocery (no organics) to get some milk and items to make a cobbler for a family reunion tomorrow, home, boys changed into jammies, nighttime beverages made, boys in bed, made cobbler, 5 minutes of "whew" time, and now it is time for bed. Even busier day tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I'll check in with hopefully something more interesting next time!

Since I have some followers and no comments (what's up with that?) I think I will post a question at the end of every blog - just something random and to see what kind of response I will get.

Here it is: What is your edible guilty pleasure?

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