Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't been able to go shop for organics at the market I usually use. Things have been 100 different kinds of hectic, and I just plain ol' don't have time to drive the extra 20 minutes there and back to shop. Plus, we're watching our budget, so I have to be smart about it.
I know, I'm terrible. I'm still reading labels, though, and that helps. I am able to make healthy choices that way.
Chris and I have been more active. Yesterday all of us, kids included, did a 2.2 mile hike. We came home and did a couple of p90x workouts sans kiddos. I'm hoping we keep the momentum up and keep working out. It's something productive and healthy for us to do together.

Oh. And I made a chocolate caramel cheesecake from scratch. It was amazing. And unhealthy.

Question: What's your biggest food avoidance and why?

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