Monday, October 25, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

is a maid!

No, seriously.

I mean, I can get the floors mopped and vacuumed and the bathrooms clean each week, but the other stuff...the dusting and the cleaning the windows... yeah, not so much.

There are cobwebs hanging in the corners and I'm pretty sure there's a dust-bunny ranch in operation under our bed.

And the laundry... sufferin' succotash... I can get it washed and dried, but it ends up piled in a clean mound the size of the Matterhorn on one side of my couch, just waiting for the Magic Laundry Fairy to swoop in and fold it. I hate folding laundry. It's the one chore that my husband totally does by himself.  (No, no, he's a good husband, he does other chores, too, but this one is solely his job.)
I mean, it seems like all I ever do is clean - and it's not even cleaning to have a spotless house. (I live with 3 boys for crying out loud - that's never gonna happen.) 

I can't keep up... 

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Tuc, Winnie, and Court said...

I hear ya. I love doing laundry because I can just put it all in the washing machine and push a button and walk away. Then I move it to the dryer and walk away again. My favorite chore. Unfortunately this is followed by my least favorite chore of folding clothes...which is why the last load of laundry ALWAYS spends the week in the dryer...and gets picked through all week.