Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why is it...?

- So hard for a man to change a trash bag when it's full? Do they think it empties themselves?

- That Grayson can figure out how to use my iphone and the apps on it but he still can't figure out to use the potty?

- There's no punctuation for sarcasm?

- If evolution really works, moms only have 2 hands?

- That Nickelback just won't quit making crappy music? (I'm sorry. It's true. It's crap. It's all crap.)

- That people who do not have children feel the need to offer thier input on how to raise mine? Pets do not  count as children - no matter how much they are a part of the family. Once you have actually constructed a human inside your uterus and then pushed something the size of a small gourd out of a hole the size of a walnut (or had your abdomen sliced open to pull a human out of your body), then you can offer constructive criticsm. Otherwise, shut your piehole.

- That there's not a "delete" button for people in real life like there is on Facebook? It would make the world so much easier.  Just a quick mouse click, and no more access to your life.


Mrs. Snugglebunny said...

its seems like nickelback makes the same songs over and over again.
sadly, the parenting advice starts when people know you're pregnant. ugh

Stacey said...

I agree! I'm all for sharing tips and whatnot, but unless you've got a kid, keep the your opinions to yourself!

lhunt212 said...

FYI I look for you blog almost daily. Always lends a good laugh. Keep it up.

Stacey said...

Thank you! That's much appreciated!

SuziG said...

I agree, you're hilarious! :) Oh and I love the real life delete idea... if only I could delete my MIL from my life... lol!