Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Babysitter? That's what the tv is for!

I don't usually talk about controversial stuff mainly because I don't have really strong opinions on many topics. I'm what you would describe as wishy-washy. I would be a nightmare on a jury. I'd be the one holding up a verdict with my, "I can see the defendant's point. But wait, the prosecution has a good point too. Then again, the defendant makes sense...."

The other day I was driving home from work listening to talk radio since the classic rock station I usually listen to was playing a freaking Kid Rock song - which is neither classic or rock in my opinion...but I digress.
They were interviewing  Julie Aigner-Clark, the creator of the Baby Einstein video empire. From what I gathered from the few minutes of the interview I actually caught, there is a huge controversy about the videos and the "negative effects these videos have on your children." 

Are you freaking kidding me?!  Have you ever seen a Baby Einstein video? It's a video of bright colored toys and everyday objects backed by a soundtrack of classical music. Yeah, that's crazy! That's sure to damage my kids. It's okay to give them Power Wheels to drive around and run each other over, but for God's sake take away the damn Baby Einstein dvds! Exposing them to *gasp* classical music and stuff they look at anyway! How dare we! Hasn't it been proven that listening to classical music is beneficial to babies development?

Moms (or dads, whoever) don't need any more guilt. We all have enough guilt over every other aspect of parenting. You don't spend enough time outside. Cheetos and chocolate milk does not constitute a nutritious mealYou're a terrible parent for working outside of the home to provide for your child. Blah blah blah. We don't need some idiot researcher (who probably had his kid sitting in front of an episode of Dora the Explorer while he did all of his "research")  telling us that if we dare to put our child in front of a Baby Einstein video or an episode of Sesame Street or Backyardigans, that we're damaging them for life. It's more detrimental if we do nothing but dote on our kids 24 hours a day. Sometimes mom needs a break! Kids too!  It ticks me off when some researcher tells me that I'm neglecting my child if I opt to put a video on for them while I take a shower or cook dinner or make a phone call.

Hell, half of what I know Big Bird learned me. (It's a joke, people)  And if it weren't for TV and movies, I wouldn't talk in Family Guy and The Big Lebowski movie quotes. And I never would have had that first date with my husband. Humdrum and boring I would be!  

Moderation, my friends, moderation. And Baby Einstein? Dudes, simmer down. That was actually the first thing I let Grayson watch. I love those videos. He loved those videos. There is nothing wrong with them! Exposure to classical music can only do good things, so relax, all you crazy non-TV watching weirdos fanatics!

Now, can someone help me down off this soapbox, please?  All that David the Gnome I watched as a kid has stunted my growth. 


a.leah said...

This still applies even if your kid's favorite movie is, say, Kill Bill 2? Yes, he prefers the sequel.

Stacey said...

Considering Big V was thumbing through infectious disease books at age 3, I'd say he's quite alright to watch KB2.

If he suddenly took an interest in The Human Centipede, though, then you can definitely start to worry.