Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The husband and I had a little argument discussion about the proper pronunciation of words and how he had been pronouncing a word the wrong damn way  verbally mutilating a term.  Me, being the control freak thoughtful wife that I am, decided it was in his best interest that I inform him that he was mucking it all up before he misspoke in front of someone.

The word in question:  zoology

I said the proper way to pronounce it is : zOH-ology.
He said :  No, my most beautiful and hilarious wife. I believe you are mistaken. You're wrong, you friggin' fruitloop! It's pronounced: zooooooo-ology.  As in "I took the boys to the zoo today."

Me: You liar! You did not! We don't even have a zoo! And you're wrong! It's zOH! zOH! Zoh-ology!

Him: You're an idiot! It's spelled with two "o's". You don't say "I'm going to the Zoh."

Me: Well, no, because that's not the friggin right way to say it, you dipshit, my dear! Who says that? No one!

Him: It's Zoooooooooooo-ology.

Me: You're wrong.

Him: You're a numskull.

Me: Maybe. But, you're WRONG!

I knew I was right. In an effort to prove just how right I was and just how friggin oh-so-askew he was, I moseyed over to Dictionary.com

This is what it said:


  [zoh-ol-uh-jee]  Show IPA
–noun, plural -gies.
the science or branch of biology dealing with animals.
a treatise on zoology.
the animal life of a particular region.

I clicked the little speaker icon and a woman's voice filled the room:
"zOH-ology"  She said.

I looked at my husband with a shit-eatin' grin smile, and waited for those glorious words that I wish I could record and play over and over and over. That's just how joyous those words are to hear.
"Well, yeah. Of course she's going to say it like that. She's BRITISH!"

And then I punched him the throat. "Who's going to the zoo now, bitch!?"

I'm kidding.

What do you think? What's the correct pronunciation?

Go HERE to listen to the way "the British chick" says it and report back to me what you think.


Aleah said...

I've always said zoh-OL-ogy. However, I am the world's worst pronouncer. I actually pronounced epitome as "epi-TOME" once. Now, especially with medical terms like umbilicus, ascites, tachypnea, etc I just wait til the doctor says it, because they ALL have a different pronounciation!

Anonymous said...
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Ashlee said...

Psh! I've been saying it wrong for years then! But I definitely LOVE this "discussion". The British do have a weird way to say things...(seeing as we only get regular commercials on the British channel and its the only one with ENGLISH commercials I watch it a lot). They pronounce Pantene (pan-teen) Pan-ten. I can't think of anymore at the moment but I know some of the ways are weird!

Anonymous said...

British, German or Australian, it is Zoh-ology. Sorry Chris, gotta side with Stacey on this one!

Stacey said...

Thank you! And besides, I've listened to that chick a thousand times and she does not sound British to me. I'm just saying.