Thursday, December 23, 2010

Barbara Walters ain't got nothin' on you

Alright. Here's the deal. This is a BIG reader participation entry. Actually, without any participation, this won't work at all.
I want you, Dear Readers, to ask me any questions you want. Anything.  I'll give you a week, and then I'll pick ten or so to answer in a new post.
I'm hoping this will spark some memories and help with the inevitable writer's block that is sure to plague me again.
I need at least 10 questions - which means post away, Dear Readers! Post away!

PS - I'd love to hit 30 followers....! I know you can make it happen!


Anonymous said...

Do you think it is ok to take your cat with you to a holiday party as long as the cat is in a box? Thank you Aunt Twyla

Aleah said...

Where is the most horrible and disgusting place that you suddenly realized you absolutely must, without delay, go to the bathroom?

Lauren said...

Since you said "memories" what is your favorite memory of us? :)

Stacey said...

Okay, so I need like 7 more questions. Come on, people!

Anonymous said...

What are your favorite and least favorite things about your children?

Deborah Murray said...

Have you seriously considered writing as a money making endeavor? I see your short stories along the lines of the things Erma Bombeck wrote several years ago. I think the world needs more of those happy little short stories told.