Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hail Mary

So, the husband has trumped me again with his "I'm gonna post a poll to get readership involvment" thing he's doing on his blog. Yes, dear husband, it is a competition in case you wondering.
I'm kidding.
I love you. Your blog is fantastic and I look forward to reading it everyday. No, seriously. I'm not being snarky. Now, don't tell anyone I said that. Or else.
Moving forward...
Dear readers, I check my stats on my blogs every day. And I get readers from all over the world. (Thank you, Aleah - barring Vlad hasn't pushed some big red button and the Koreas are still there - and Christina and Ashlee)  What I don't get is comments. Or followers.  And I know you're out there, so it just bumfuzzles me. Both of which you can do anonymously if you want to be mysterious. 
So - 
This is my Hail Mary.
Hail Mary, this is my blog.
Blog, this is my Hail Mary.
I feel much better now that those formalities are out of the way.
I am going to post 20 random things about me. I know you are just dying to read it. And I am going to encourage you all - you read that? - ALL of you out there in the blogosphere - to post 20 random things about yourself as a comment - or even in your blog if you have one.  If I read your blog and see it, I'll post a link about it - which might just increase your readership as well.  I have anonymous comments enabled, so anyone can leave their random facts.  Ha! There is no excuse for you now!

Ready? Go.

 1.) I can pop all of my toes out of place.
 2.)  I must have a cup of coffee in the morning in order to function the rest of the work day.
 3.) I have titanium clamps on specific nerves to keep my hands from sweating. I had to go to Miami to have the surgery done. 
 4.)  I am probably one of the most open-minded people you will ever meet.
 5.) I love the smell of laundry.
 6.) If I could afford it, I'd buy a horse in a heartbeat.
 7.) Two words: Hot showers
 8.)  I am a firm believer in karma.
 9.)  Metal coat hangers infuriate me. I get mad just thinking about them.
10.) I could read the newspaper before I was in kindergarten.
11.) I have the best luck and can win almost anything off the radio. I'm not so good at the lottery. 
12.) I hate pastel colors. 
13.) I get stressed out very easily, but hide it in hopes that if I don't think about it it will go away. That never works.
14.) I'm very spoiled, but I know exactly where I came from and am grateful for everything that I have now.
15.)  I worked as a 911 dispatcher for a minute. Totally not the job for me.
16.)  I met my husband off Myspace.
17.)  I second-guess everything I do. (Even this blog entry)
18.)  I hate cotton candy.
19.)  I like to hit up Goodwill stores when I'm out of town. I enjoy the t-shirts.
20.)  I have a weakness for ugly shoes. I have a closet full of hideous kicks.

Alright. That's it. There you go. Post away, dear readers! Post away! 


Anonymous said...

20 random things is pretty difficult Stace!! I'd give it a shot though cause you know us girls gotta stick together and Chris can't win!!! LOL

1. I am a major voyeur. (I suppose that's why I love reading your blog.)

2. I was totally a cat person until I got my husband a dog - now I'm converted.

3. Hopeless romantic.

4. Would be foster parent if I could talk my husband into it and we had an extra bedroom.

5. Always root for the underdog.

6. My 5th grade teacher told my mom I tried to "mother" all the other kids and I still try to "fix" everything - guess that's why I became a teacher.

7. Believe whoever smells best wins. Nothing beats a great smell (clean clothes, coffee, baking bread, cologne)


9. Xbox live gamer score is 1400 - Halo Rules! (even if I suck at it)

10. Hate cursing so I make up my own words - Shavocka

11. Love to cook for other people, but hate to clean up the mess.

12. The 2 biggest financial achieve hopefuls are having horses and a built in (or even indoor) swimming pool.

13. Hate having fibromyalgia because I always want to do more than I can even if it is knitting, internet surfing or watching tv. (I even fall asleep at a theater just because I stop moving.)

14. I would be happy just living in a box as long as my soulmate is with me.

15. I hate shopping unless I'm buying gifts for other people or food.

16. Loves cool temperatures just because I can swear snuggle clothes such as sweats and sweaters!

17. Saw my first shooting star last night.

18. Favorite movie - City of Angels

19. Love hearts and Valentine's day (my anniversary) <3

20. Dark sense of humor

I didn't think I could get to 20, but now I've thought of another significant one . . .

21. Always dreamed of living in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Twenty...really?? I'm pretty sure I'm not that interesting.

1. I really want an iPhone, but haven't made the jump to AT&T yet.
2. I don't eat green food.
3. I love everything Christmas-food, family, music, movies, decorations...EVERYTHING.
4. My left knee always aches when it rains or gets cold. Makes me feel old.
5. I refuse to live "up north". Hate the cold.
6. LOVE dark movies.
7. I think people who don't like dogs can not be trusted.
8. I'm kinda a breastfeeding snob. Not that I'm all hippie-granola, just feel strongly about it.
9. Agree with you...must have coffee to live.
10. I think drinking wine on my back porch is the greatest.

Half way there....

11. ummmm.....I'm a homebody and I love it.
12. I think pedicures are a waste of money.
13. Cinnamon flavored candles make me sneeze.
14. In my pretend life, I'm hip and live in a loft in down town New York! *Remember it's pretend, I really wouldn't live there due to the cold (see #5).
15. I hate to read!
16. I find your blog to be hilarious and have recommended it to several friends.
17. My Christmas tree only has snowmen ornaments on it. (as you can see, I'm clearly running out of interesting factoids. now I'm just looking around my house for inspiration...)
18. I'm late EVERYWHERE I go. Never on time to anything. I even told my last employer this little tid bit in my interview and they still hired me! Worked there for 2 years and was late every single day.
19. I hate surprises. HATE.
20. I don't dry my feet when I get out of the shower. Gets the floor all wet and that doesn't bother me a bit.

There you have it. 20! I feel so proud.

Stacey said...

Thanks for the comments! I love reading random facts about people.
Just so you both know, the anonymousness is eating my soul. :P

Trinity said...

1) I secretly love vampire, wizard and witch books. I am a total geek who hearts Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher.

2) I am a complete night owl and have stayed up for way more sunrises than I have woken up for.

3) I am so nearsighted it's not funny.

4) I have never traveled outside the US, but I really want to.

5) My favorite color is red.

6) My son once spilled and entire GALLON of paint all over my hallway carpet.

7) I love being up before everyone else in the morning when it's peaceful.

8) I love turning off all the lights in the house and leaving just the Christmas tree lit.

9) I just had my tonsils taken out last year.

10) My son has taught me more about semi-trucks than I ever wanted to know (like what a Jake brake is).

11) I hate cooking.

12) Going to Toys R Us makes me wish I was a kid again so I could play with everything.

13) I want to learn how to take an engine apart.

14) I have really sensitive ears. My husband calls the bat ears because I always hear stuff before him.

15) I have the hardest time falling asleep at night. I toss and tun forever.

16) Growing up I wanted 4 or 5 kids.

17) I am a southerner living in the north.

18) I hate ice and snow. I daydream about booking a ticket to Tahiti every winter.

19) I drink coffee at night as a way to relax. Yes, I know this is backwards.

20) I hate cherries with a passion.

Aleah said...

Okay. I totally copied and pasted this from my facebook. I wanted to be smug and let you think I'm just an overachiever, but I'll call myself out on this one :D

1. When I grow up, I'm going to be a nurse practitioner, with my own clinic and my own way of doing things. I may invent some new math while I'm at it.

2. I hate the sound of ice creaking/crunchy snow. I've had several dreams about being buried alive in snow and ice.

3. I am completely convinced that my son Vlad will be hailed as the new savior of mankind. Or at least start a trendy cult. Vincent is going to be a surfer. He's a Pisces ;-).

4. I cannot whistle or snap my fingers.

5. I love backpacking/loathe camping. You'd think they'd go together, huh ;-). I could stomp around a mountain taking pictures of myself and my family doing weird things in the woods for days, as long as I had a hotel room and hot tub following me around.

6. I do not look good without makeup. At all.

7. I am slowly learning patience. Before, when I have decided I want something, I wanted it all, immediately, no trial period, no "a little bit at a time" bs. Now I'm starting to appreciate anticipation.

8. I graduated at the top of my nursing class.

9. I lend money/clothing/time very easily, but would find it incredibly hard to ask for any of those to be lent to me.

10. I have an incredible sense of smell. I was probably a bloodhound in another life ;-)

11. Although I consider myself a "city" girl (having lived in Tampa and loved it); I find myself missing Olney (where I lived the past 3 years; pop. 8000ish) a lot lately.

12. I sing at the top of my lungs in the car, in the shower, and while I'm cooking. I also dance to disco music while I'm cleaning.

13. I have a horrible habit of laughing at the most inappropriate times. I have a warped sense of humor.

14. I am absolutely dying to intubate someone.

15. When Vlad tells me there is a monster under his bed or a clown in his closet, I'd rather put him in bed with me than open the closet or check under the bed.

16. Patch Adams is my hero :o)

17. I'm a sucker for a good conspiracy theory.

18. I cannot stop myself from procrastinating. While I'm on the fence regarding many mental "disorders", I believe that eventually, Procrastinational Disorder with Borderline Narcissistic Tendencies will have its very own DSM-IV code.

19. I'm actually putting serious time and thought into my answers for this, mainly because (you've guessed it!) I'm putting off doing something else.

20. I love tshirts with weird comments printed on them. Bet you never would've guessed that ;-).

21. I have to really work at staying pissed off at someone.

22. I'd love to sleep more than 5 hours at a time.

23. While Vlad looks nothing like me (but is like me in personality in nearly every way); I love that Vincent is really starting to look like me. Hopefully he won't inherit my sense of balance; Vlad got touched by that branch in full :)

24. I still tiptoe into both my sons' rooms a few times a night to hold my hand under their noses to make sure they're still breathing.

25. For my second child, I desperately wanted a girl - until I found out I was having a boy. Now I could not imagine having anything other than my Littlest V.

26. My very best friend (18 years!) is a staunch Republican/Conservative. I am a raging Liberal (okay, I'm a Socialist Commiecrat with Utopian ideals). She is a Christian; I am a Humanist. We love each other to death and wouldn't have it any other way.

27. I may learn to golf this next summer. Husband is optimistic. I am not.

28. Husband is my Male Half. It's scary ;-).

29. If I was not a A Super Awesome Nurse, I would be a microbiologist, a rock star, or a lawyer.

30. I am happy :o)

Aleah said...

DAMMIT!!! It kept saying my comment was too big, so I reposted after removing spaces... just delete the last two, Stace. GAH!

Stacey said...

Way to get me excited, Aleah! I hopped on to check things and saw 8 comments - Heck yes! And then, my dreams were shattered when I discovered the truth.
I'll forgive you.

Aleah said...

Yeah, it was just Me Against the Keyboard.

I think I have a magnet in my body that fucks up electronics.

OR, Husband says it's just the blonde hair ;-)

Stacey said...

Blonde hair does have super powers. I'm convinced.
Pre-husband, it would get me free drinks all the time.