Saturday, January 29, 2011

Conversations with Grayson: Part 1

Kids are hilarious. Well, at least my kids are hilarious.  And so is Aleah's son, Vlad.   Grayson is finally old enough to at least, sorta have a conversation with. He's very to the point and he's flat out funny without even knowing it.

Me: C'mon, get your boots on. You and Jack are going to go over to Granna and Pawpaw's house.
G: Where you goin'?
Me: I'm going to get my hair done.
G: *Running his hand through his hair* I needa hair cut, too.
Me: Well, yes, you do, but not today. You get to go play with Pawpaw!
G: But, I needa hair cut.  *holding his hands straight out in front of him for me to see* And I need my nails done, too, Mom.


Aleah said...

Just start doing his toenails. Vlad's had either blue or green toenails since birth ;)

SuziG said...

LOL @ blue or green toenails. Hmmm... I think I have pink nail polish...