Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paging Doogie Howser

My sweet, handsome, funny, stubborn husband started having some pretty horrific headache pains. But seeing as he's short staffed at work and has some big corporate visits coming up - he dealt with it. Well, we dealt with it. It kept him up all night - which kept me up all night. I love my husband, and I hate to see him in pain, but I'm much more apt to be sympathetic when I've had my sleep. Yes, I'm selfish. Nice to meet you. 
Everyday it was the same ol' story. He'd be fine for one minute and the next he would be walking around the house with his Batman micro-bead pillow pulled over his head clutching his face. I urged him to go to the doctor on Friday morning before his shift, but he slept in considering he didn't get much sleep the night before. Can't say that I blame him. 
Last night, I was happily in the recliner, kid-less, watching Big Love on the DVR awaiting my husband's arrival from work, when in he stumbled. His face and ears were bright red and he was in tears. 
"We are not doing this again," I told him. "We're going to the ER."
*It's worthy to note here, that my husband has a pretty high pain tolerance when it comes to this sort of thing. To see him practically crying scared the bejeezus outta me.*
I knew he was in real pain when he didn't argue with me or try to tell me he would be better tomorrow.  
We got to the ER and signed in.  They checked him and berated him with the usual battery of questions: Where's your pain? When did it start? On a scale of 1-10, what's the pain like now? Do you have any other symptoms? Fever? Nausea? Diarrhea? When was your last menstrual period? How many years did the Hundred Year War last? What's the square root of 64,218? What's the capital of Nebraska?  Blah blah blah.... 
Long story short - errr... well -  not really because there's more to it, they ordered a CT (came back clean..really? Are you sure about that? Love you, hubs!)  gave him pain meds for his head, made us wait while they ran some fluids through him and sent us home. Finally. At about 2:00 am.
Coincidentally, at 2:00 am, the area was having the worst bought of fog that we've seen in a long time. They were even warning of "frozen fog" - whatever the hell that is.  So, I get my drug induced husband in the freezing car (on leather seats - WOOOOO! That sh*t's cold!) and proceed to drive 45 on the interstate all the way home. I could see NOTHING. NOT A DAMN THING. 
I dislike driving at night.  I hate driving at night in the rain. I detest driving in heavy fog anytime of day - especially night.  The drive that should have only taken about 15 minutes, ended up taking almost 40. Oh, yeah, did I tell you it was after 2am and we both had to be at work at 7am. Not waking up at 7am. Not on the way to work at 7am. But AT WORK CLOCKED IN AND FUNCTIONING at 7am.
Ugh. It's time like these I relive all those moments of having newborn babies and missing sleep. It's also times like these that I am reminded of why I will not be having anymore children.
So, anyway, we make it home, go to sleep, and get up like thirty minutes later to go to work. WITH NO COFFEE, I might add.  A few hours into the work day I have this conversation via text messages:
(The green is me. The white is Hubby.)

Seriously, dude. We just practically spent the night in the ER and you're not better? What the french toast? But, I did get him into a dentist. And he went, and he had some giant gnoll tooth removed from his head. Serioiusly From what he told me the thing practically went up into his brain.
I bid farwell for now. I have to get home and cook the hubby something liquid to eat. Yum!


SuziG said...

Oh I LOVE those type of headaches. Stupid freakin' tooth pain that goes all through your head and proceeds to cause bodily pain if you ignore it. Those are the absolute best!!! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!!

Stacey said...

For some reason the pictures of the texts won't load on the page, but they will if you click on them.
I will try to fix this soon!