Sunday, January 9, 2011

You googled what?!

On my handy dandy analytics thingamabob it tells me things people have typed into search engines only to end up on my blog.

Here are some of the things people have typed in their search bars:
In true Stacey fashion, I googled these things myself to see where on the search page my little blog popped up.

My Boniva - 3 times (all different people) - I'm actually on the first page - the last entry, but on the first page nonetheless. 
Granny in Stilettos - *Shudder*  I'm sorry. I did not look this one up for myself. I'm afraid of what I can't unsee. 
Spit up and stilettos/ Spit up and stilletos - Right there. Numero uno.  
spit up on my stillettos - I am the third search result. Number one is "Newborn vomit."
stacey stilettos - Stacey Stilettos is an actual person. Well, is an actual persona at least. She's on facebook. In lingerie. NOT ME.  
urinal girl - I went through 40 google pages and did not see a link to my blog anywhere. This means that there is someone out there who has gone through more than 40 pages of "urinal girl" search results and clicked on my blog. That's both flattering and a little creepy.
wubzzy says its time to go potty - Ah, a parent most likely ready to shove her head in the oven after trying to tackle potty training.  My little blog here is  actually the 7th search result when you type this into google.

While I've got your attention, Dear Readers, it's time again to play 20 Questions, or 10 Questions, or however many questions I get asked.  Post your questions and I'll answer them next week.  Get to it, Dear Readers!


Aleah said...

I had to look up Stacey Stilettos after that :D

Stacey said...

I knew you would! Hahaha!

Aleah said...

DUDE. You have GOT to get into the world of mommy blogs. These bitches get serious!! The drama! The name calling! AND they write some *funny* shit!

Stacey said...

Oooh. That sounds like a promising way to waste some time. Send me some of your favorites.