Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2001: A Stace Odyssey

Today it happened.
I made the snowy journey to the mailbox and I saw it - staring at me.
I got my invitation to my ten year high school reunion.
Ten years.
That's a whole decade we're talking about.
That includes:
2 Presidential terms.
2 Summer Olympics. (Probably 2 Winter Olympics, but seriously, who really keeps up with the Winter Olympics?)
The number one song in 2001 was "Lady Marmalade."
"A Beautiful Mind" took home the Oscar for Best Picture.
According to Nielsen, "Friends" was the most watched show of 2001.
Seriously, it hasn't been 10 years already has it? Has it? Am I really that old? Yes, yes and yes.
I will admit I have had mixed feelings about this whole thing. Part of me is all "Yeah! Woohoo! A ten year reunion will be awesome! I can show everybody how I'm the same size I was in high school and the wonders of modern orthodontics! It'll be awesome because I've gotten so freakin' awesome!"  And then the other part of me is all like "C'mon, now. You're really not that sure of yourself at all. In fact, you're just thinking those things to mask your insecurities. Seriously. Let's think about this. You keep up with everyone you want to on Facebook - and you just stalk the ones that you don't want keeping up with you."
I will go. And I will make Chris go. And we will both go looking damn good and dapper. And I will be excited about it - but only because I'm going to get to spend some good quality time with friends that haven't all been together in 10 years. And maybe just a little because I am freaking awesome.

Don't worry. I'll blog about it.

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Tuc, Winnie, and Court said...

love it! I too have my 10 year this year and I am thinking the same thing....I am pretty damn awesome so watch out class of 2001!!