Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come to the Real World

I wish I could slap the stupid right outta people. Wouldn't that be an awesome super power? Excuse me? Ms. Lohan? You said that "Rehab was a sobering experience." The hell? Really?! Did you really just say that!? You know what? Come here. Just a little bit clos - SMACK!  I want to tell everyone to man up. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.It's hight time to take some responsibility for yourself and grow up and join Adulthood in the Real World. It's not a cult. I promise.
Here in the Real World, we have Responsibilities. We have to work so we can support ourselves and our families.  We have Real Bills that have to be paid or else the Real Electricity gets Real shut off.  Of course, if someone said, "Hey,you should stop working. You should just sit at home and not work, and not give back to society and we'll still pay you! We're gonna make everyone else work so they can support you in NOT working!" I would jump at the chance. But, here in the Real World with my Real Mortgage, that just doesn't happen.
No, it's not easy living here. Your actions directly affect other people - whether you intend for them to or not. Here, you must take responsibility for yourself and you can't blame other people for your mistakes. Here you are expected to be independent and make your own way without depending on the Government to bail you out \. (I'm not knocking government aid. I've been there, I used it when I needed it, and quit using it when I didn't. I was also REALLY WORKING when I used it, and REAL TAXES got taken out of my REAL PAYCHECK to help fund those aid programs.)  
Here in the Real World, we have things called Budgets, Deductibles, and Interest Rates. Sometimes it's necessary to take a job that pays less than you'd prefer, or keep a job that you desperately want to quit. At least, that's the way it is here. In the Real World.
I know it seems like such a strange and foreign land, but you don't need a Passport or airfare even to get here. All you have to do is start taking a little bit of responsibility for yourself. You do that, and you earn so much more than residency of the Real World.


Rachel Nave said...

AMEN!!! Seriously, that's all I'm gonna say, because the hubby and I were just complaining about this the other night. Some people.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing else to say to this except a big AMEN. -Jennifer