Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Conversation with an Idiot

Me: Hello! Companion Anim---
Creepy Dude: *coughing and snorting* Uh, yeah. Hey. I need to know something.
Me: Okay. What can I help you with?
Creepy Dude: Can I get rabies from my dawg by sharing his water bowl?
Me: *Wait...wha?? -* ......... Im sorry. I didn't catch all that. 
Creepy Dude: If my dawg has rabies, can I get it by drinking his water?
Me: (While imagining a portly fellow in a Big Johnson t-shirt hunkered over a Cool-Whip bowl filled with water in the floor next to his "he won't bite'cha but he don't
 like no strangers" intact male pit bull) .....Well, yes. Rabies can be spread through saliva, but the occurance of rabies in this area is very rare. It's unlikely your dog has the disease. Has he been vaccinated for rabies?
Creepy Dude: Nah. I don't believe in givin' 'em shots like 'at. Well, that's all I needed. Thank ya.


Sarah Hawkins said...

Bahahaha!!! Oh, you and your work stories. :)

Aleah said...

I heart these stories :D Some of your callers sound like former patients of mine. I had a farmer show up at the ED, toes barely hanging by a thread (basically his foot was held together by his work boot). When asked what happened, he told me he tried to scrape the mud off his boots - on a moving auger. *head/desk*

SuziG said...

Just wow.