Saturday, February 5, 2011

Folk Implosion is romantic

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I found a stack of cds last night. 
I know what you're thinking. 
You're thinking : Stacey! Nooo! Didn't you learn anything from  your previous compact disc discoveries?
Actually, I deliberately found them.  I was looking for them. You see, about a year and a half ago, Chris told me "You should back up your pictures off of your laptop."  He told me this lots of times, and I ignored him lots and lots of times. Because that's what you do when you're married. And finally one day, for some reason, I gave in. Any by that I mean I told him to do it himself. And he did. Because that's what any good husband would do if they knew what was good for them.  He put them all on cds for me, and even labeled them appropriately so there were no surprises when I popped those suckers in the disc tray.  
Now, read this closely because I might not ever ever ever express this again. I might even deny writing this, but for now, I will say that I am glad my husband backed up everything for me I listened to my husband and had him back all of my pictures of. He was right. What? Oh, that was nothing. Keep reading. ---> This way.  Anyway, less than a week after the big back-up, my laptop crashed out of nowhere. It blue-screen-of-death crashed. I lost everything on my hard drive.  Thanks to my handy-dandy husband, all of my beloved pictures and videos were saved on cds.
And then, after the Super Save, stuff kinda got nuts. The cds got put into a case, that got put into our sad little excuse for a computer desk that got cleaned out and rummaged through when the drawer fell off. It fell off. It. Fell. Off.  It fell the frick off.  And who knows where they have been hiding for the past year or so.
Until I made the discovery last night.
I guess with all this Valentine's Day stuff everywhere, it got me feeling nostalgic and I decided to look for the cds that contained some pictures of Chris and I pre-marriage.
They were all on a spindle, each one with it's cute little label that Chris had written in sharpie for me.  And there, tucked in between "Wedding and Honeymoon Pictures" and "Hot Air Balloon and Summer 2008", were two cds that made me smile.
For an instant, I turned into a giggling teenage girl. I'm such a sap. Okay, for longer than an instant. I have a vagina. It's allowed.
These were music cds that Chris and I made each other when we first started dating.
We both had very very different tastes in music. He listened to a whole genre of bands that I had never even heard of. I listened to classic rock and terrible stuff from the nineties.  So, in an effort to sorta get to know each other better, we both made the other person a music cd of songs we liked at that time. They weren't love songs, or even the least bit romantic. He had given me a cd with bands like The New Amsterdams, The Starting Line and Copeland. I gave him a cd with artists like America, Ted Nugent, and Folk Implosion. 
These were songs that I listened to not only because I liked them, but because Chris liked them. These were the songs that we listened to. These were songs that we blasted in his Mustang with the top down on a spontaneous trip to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville one night because Chris had never been. These were the songs he would sing loudly and passionately every time one of them would play. These are the songs I will always remember and associate them with that time in our lives when we didn't have any other responsibilities and it was just us.

Happy Not Valentine's Day, my dearest husband. I love you!


SuziG said...

Awww... that's so sickeningly sweet!!! (P.S. I hate Valentine's Day, Lol!)
And what's wrong with America, I like them! :P I have NO idea who Folk Implosion is though, Lol. I've probably heard music by Ted Nugent, but I can't place any songs.
I've probably heard songs by all of them, but I suck at pinpointing bands/names of songs. I only recognize a song if I hear it and I can never say who plays it. I suppose I should actually bother to find out sometime.

Christopher said...

Thank you! I love you!

Aleah said...

I am going to make you a mix cd, Stacey. It will be the songs of you + me.

Stacey said...

It must include "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Def Leppard and "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc.
Those songs will totally be in the movie about us.

Aleah said...

I'm on it