Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebecca Black is taking over my Twitter

I know exactly what you are thinking? Who the heck is Rebecca Black and why is she the topic of conversation during this post?
I'm glad you asked.
This is Rebecca Black. And she has invaded my twitter.

You see, Dear Readers, it all started when I checked my TWITTER (shamelessly plugging myself!) several days ago.  I've been on Twitter for a long time, but I have just never got into it like the true social network savvy people. I checked my Twitter and noticed that "Rebecca Black" was trending.
For those of you that don't Tweet or Twitter or Twitwit or whatever you want to call it... "trending" on Twitter means that it's a hot topic - something that's been mentioned by bookoos of people.
Ok, so Rebecca Black was a top trending topic on Twitter. I had no idea who Rebecca Black was, and I just dismissed it and decided not to research her. She became popular during at the height of the Japan earthquake, so I figured she was in the media or something like that - eh - something, that quite frankly, just didn't interest me. I know. I'm a horrible person. 
Fast forward to today. I check my twitter and lo and behold, there she is again as a trending topic.  I asked my husband "The hell is Rebecca Black? And why is she trending on Twitter? Any relation to Sirius?"
His eyes lit up like Clark Griswold's house on Christmas Eve.
"Oh. I'll show you. It's fantastic."
TIME-OUT (Ha! I totally pulled a Zack Morris!) My husband has a warped sense of humor.  And, yes, so I do, but I mean...well, whenever he says something is "fantastic" or when he describes something as being "the tits" - I am always left wondering just how bad great it is while he's pulling up the appropriate link.
TIME-IN. "Oh, God," I said in between bites of my banana split. (Now that banana split was fantastic.)
And then he showed me this. Go ahead and watch it. Keep in mind, this is not a joke. And especially pay attention to the lesson she gives you about the order of the days at the end. I know you're confused. Just watch. Try to make it through the whole thing. You'll see what I mean.

STOOOOOOOP!!!! STOP SINGING!!!  This is horrible! Horrible! Rubbish! 
I mean, it's almost as bad as this:

Or this:

*SHUDDER* I mean, don't these people have to impress somebody? Surely there is someone involved thinking "You know, this sounds like a man getting ass-raped by a rhinoceros. Maybe we should re-think this."
And Nickelback can just stop all together. Noone will care. I promise. So, please. Just stop.

The people that I listed above should take a lesson from this guy:
(Yes, he is my official AI favorite!)

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trinity said...

I swear I just lost 20 IQ points watching that video. And I must be getting old because the boy driving that car could NOT have been more then 12. The only thing saving you from being hunted down by me and making you pay for coercing me to watch that was your ass raped by a rhinoceros comment.