Saturday, April 2, 2011

Janet knows about the camel

A lady came into the vet clinic the other day. As she was leaving, we were all chit chatting and making small talk, when she suddenly said "Do ya'll have a camel here?"
The veterinarian, who was standing up front with us, responded "Yeah, we do. You wanna see it?"
She enthusiastically replied "Yes! She followed the doctor down the hall and said, "Janet was telling me about it at church!"
By now, my interest was definately piqued.

Why does Janet know about the camel and I don't?!
While something like a camel at your place of employment might be a little far-fetched or out of the ordinary, I never once questioned it at mine. Not that we see a whole lot of camels or anything like that, because we don't. We don't see exotic anything, but nothing surprises me at work anymore. This is the same boss that's had me scouring the internet for horse-drawn hearses. And the same one that had planned a "business trip" for me to drive to Texas to retrieve an armadillo that we would keep as an office pet. So a camel at the clinic? Uhhh, totally:
I anxiously waited at my desk for the lady to leave. Forget the clients, I wanted to see the camel!
Finally, after completing the "Roots" miniseries on my computer, the lady emerged from the back of the building and left. 
"Have a good day!" I called, already halfway down the hall. I practically ran through the hospital, flinging open the swinging doors. I declared loudly "I want to see the camel!"

Everyone just stopped and stared at me for a minute. Obviously, I had come in so fast, they hadn't heard me.  So, I said it again. "I want to see the camel!"

One of our technicians stopped filling the prescription she was working on."What? What camel? What are you talking about?"

I was all "That lady. She saw the camel. Now I want to see the camel! I didn't know we had a camel!" 

"No. No. That lady wanted to see the KENNEL."




Christopher said...

Only you, dear.

trinity said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Thank you, thank you for that.

Erica said...

bahahahaha....completely. awesome.