Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 06 - Satellites and Airplanes

So, Day 06 in my 30 Days O' Music is a song that reminds me of somewhere.
This is a bit cheesy, I admit it.  But this song reminds me of my trip to Hawaii back in high school.  Oh, yeah, 300 band kids on Waikiki Beach. Madness ensued, but it sure was one helluva trip.  Our plane tickets were arranged alphabetically, so we didn't get to sit where we wanted.  I ended up sitting next to a guy that played saxophone that I had talked to a few times. He had brought his Discman with an extra set of headphones.  Desperate to do anything but watch the in-flight movie "Bicentennial Man" I took the offered headphones and was subsequently tortured to listen to Dave Matthews for several hours because "the next song is sooo awesome!" (It wasn't.) And now, every time I hear this song, I think of sitting on that airplane wearing my white t-shirt emblazoned with a bright orange "M" (for my school) just waiting to land - or for those damn batteries in that Discman to give out.


Erica said...

Now I'm curious to know this mystery saxophonist....I'm sure I knew

Stacey said...

Seth M.