Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You pick it out. I'm too indecisive.

My high school reunion is this weekend.
I have been looking for something to wear since I got the invitation in February.
I still don't have any idea what to wear.
So, you, Dear Readers, are in for a treat! You get to help me pick out what I will wear!
Yeah, a little interactive blog.  I'll post a poll over there ------------------> where you can vote. And of course, please feel free to comment any feedback or suggestions you might have.

Before I start showing pictures, here are somethings that you need to know:
The attire is "churchy casual."
And...uh, that's about it, I guess.

Here is choice numero uno.
This is not me in the picture. However, I am blonde and have the same skin tone. I have tried this on and I really like it.  I would pair this with a pair of dark jeans and heels.  Yes, I know it's "church attire" but, it's also 1000 degrees here and I refuse to wear a dress because as the mother to 2 young boys - my legs are banged up worse than theirs. Scabs and bruises are not sexy. Just saying. This would be a splurge for me. Major splurge - BUT, I would wear it again.

Option 1:

I haven't had a chance to actually physically go out shopping, so I've resorted to online browsing - looking at stores we have locally, that way if I do find something on the website, I can go to the store and try it on.
I found this top at Dillard's.  I really like the black - but there is also an option to get the shirt in teal - which I would probably lean to. I would pair the teal top with a pair of gray slacks or black slacks. And I would buy matching shoes. This shirt is considerably cheaper than Option 1, but I'm not sure I like it as much. I like the black, so that's always an option to get rather than the teal.
Option 2:

This is option 3. I like ruffles. I have no idea what I would wear with this, so please all you fashionistas out there, help me out.

Option 3.

Okay, that's all I've got so far. Am I way off base with these choices? Is there something out there that you know of that I should be looking at?
Now, go vote! And please oh please comment and tell me WHY you picked that choice. I might be a girl that smells of flowers, but I have no sense of fashion at all whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Option 1 - I think it would look great on you!

The Ziebarths said...

I love option 2. black or teal. either would be cute. whatever you'll get the most use out of. But I think it's the cutest.

Rebecca said...

I like option 1 with skinny jeans and heels :)

Stacey said...

I have purchased one of these tops! You'll have to check back next week for pictures to see what I chose!