Sunday, July 3, 2011

List Sunday - Summer Faves

Can you feel that, Dear Readers? That, my friend, that heaviness to the air, the heat, the sweat on the small of your back - that is a good ol' Kentucky summer! I love it!
So, for your reading enjoyment on this List Sunday, I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite summer things.
Really. Try to contain yourself.

Oh my gosh, ya'll. This stuff is fan-frickin-tastic!  I'm not sure if you are aware of my strong passionate feelings about Diet Coke, but I'm pretty sure if it came down to it, I'd sell a kidney for one.  Which is ironic because if I keep drinking it at the rate I am, I will probably need a kidney. But I digress.  I stumbled upon this gem one random time at a Target. I have not been able to find Diet Cherry Coke anywhere in Kentucky and the past couple of times I have made the journey to Retail Heaven, they haven't had any.  I've checked Wal-Marts, Kroger's, etc and nothing.  Oh, sure I can find Cherry Coke Zero, but I don't like it. I want Diet!  Last week, I headed up North to hit up Target, and of course, I headed down the soft drink aisle. And lo and behold they had 6 12 packs left. I snatched every single one of them up! And, double bonus, they were on sale! Score! 

Shellac nails, ya'll!  I love it!! In the past, I would keep my nails done with acrylic tips with a french manicure. I never ventured off the Boring Path and tried color on my nails.  But, as the boys got bigger, more mobile, more demanding - I just couldn't find the time to go every 2 weeks to have them done. So, I took them off myself, and was horrified to see the rotten condition my natural nails were in.  The week of my high school reunion, when I went to have my hair done, I decided to live up to my "Take A Step Outside of My Comfort Zone" mantra and try the shellac.  I was apprehensive at first - I'm an acrylic girl!  I sat down and picked out a color - an actual color - the hottest pink they had.  The whole process took about the same amount of time as putting on acrylic tips. But, the beauty of the shellac is that it does not damage your natural nails!  I am in love and am hooked!  The downside to the shellac, is that when it grows out, you cannot get a fill like you can with acrylic - you have to have the whole process redone over - which just takes more time. It is painted right on top of your natural nails, so it does not add length like the acrylic will. The shellac lasts me about 2 weeks - which was the same wear that I got out of the acrylic set. And since it's easily removed with acetone, you can remove it at home with ease and no pain!  You should definitely try it at least once. And - they can shellac on your toes for an awesome pedicure!

Gurkees Sandals. I absolutely adore mine! I'm particularly hard on sandals and flip flops - mainly because of my severe hyperhidrosis. I love sandals, but I have an extraordinarily hard time finding cute sandals that I can wear without slipping out of them.  I've had my Gurkees for over 5 years now - which is unheard of for me! When I find a pair of sandals or flip flops that I can actually wear, I buy at least 2 pairs for one summer. So, for one pair of shoes to last me over 5 years is amazing! They are comfortable, are fine to get wet, have a lifetime warranty against fraying, and best of all, once they get grungy and dirty, you can toss them right in the washing machine.  And - they're not expensive - about $30 on the Gurkees website.  I currently sport the Neptune style, which is what's shown in the picture, but am getting ready to order their flip-flop.

Okay, so I know that felt like one big commercial promoting stuff I like - but it's my blog and I can do what I want. Wow, I totally sounded like my three year old right then.

Maybe next week will be better. Why don't ya'll give me some suggestions for a list topic next week?

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