Monday, August 22, 2011

List Sunday....On Monday

Guess what I did!! If you guessed "Forgot about your little ol' blog and how you're supposed to do a list on Sundays!" then you are correctomundo!
Better than late than never, right?
On this week's edition of List Sunday, I've compiled a list of Mid-Year Resolutions.  I never ever set New Year's resolutions because, quite frankly, I suck at keeping them.  I have enough on my plate during that time of year and adding anything else would require massive doses of prescription medications and a coffee IV.

1.) Drink More Water

I hate water. I hate it. I have to choke it down.  *Shudder*  Some of you may know from a previous post, that I have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Basically, I sweat excessively all of the time. When I say
"excessively" I don't mean clammy hands. I don't mean a little bead of sweat. I'm talking I shorted out a couple of computer keyboards, had to keep a towel in the car to soak up the sweat from my hands while driving, can't wear leather shoes, excessive sweating. At one point in my life, I was sweating so much, I couldn't gain any weight and I was in a constant state of dehydration. I had to have surgery to help. Yes, I know, it's gross - I've lived with it all my life. According to my doctor, I'm supposed to drink at least 3 times the amount of water a normal person drinks a day.  Did I tell you that I hate drinking water? Okay, so according to Mayo Clinic, men should consume roughly 13 cups a day and women should consume about 9 cups a day. 9 x 3 = 27. I'm supposed to drink at the bare minimum 27 cups of water per day just to maintain myself and stay hydrated. That's how much I sweat.    9 cups is about 2.2 liters.  27 cups is 6.6 liters.  That's 3 and a half -  2 liter bottles of water per day that I'm supposed to drink. Are you freaking kidding me!?  It's a good day if I drink any water at all. Yes, I know, I know. It's bad. I prefer Diet Coke and that sparkling flavored water from Wal-Mart. Hey, it's water, right? I just need to take better care of myself. I realize it. I get it. And one of the things I need to do is drink more water. Ugh.  And I'll do it as soon as I finish my coffee.

2.) Schedule Date Nights with the Husband

My husband and I used to be fun people. Okay, wait. That sounded bad. We are fun people, dammit - when we have a few minutes in between potty training and meal time and laundry. And let's be honest, there's not that much time in between those things.  Life with kids is hard. I know, what an understatement.  The big hip thing to do right now is having "date nights" with your spouse. No kids. Just some quality one-on-one time with each other.  Sounds great. Sign me up.  Easier said than done, though.  We both work full time jobs with non-traditional schedules. No 9-5 here.  On top of that, Chris has band stuff, I have photography sessions and then whatever else life throws at us. (I'm doing photography now. Did I tell you?) So, it's hard for us to get out. Now, we could  go out - it's not like our lives are so unimaginably crazy that we couldn't. We just don't. We had a date night a couple of weeks to celebrate our anniversary. 5 years, ya'll!  We did the typical date night thing: dinner and a movie - well, actually we did a movie and then dinner, but whatever. It's all the same. Let me tell you, we had a good time. There were no kids, no screaming, no diaper changes, no picking up thrown silverware from the floor eighteen hundred times.  It dawned on me, we need to do that more often, even if it's something we have to plan weeks in advance. So, date nights have been added to my Mid-Year Resolutions list.

3.) Finish the Living Room Re-Do
We've been forever talking about "what we were gonna do" to make our house more appealing and more homey. Painting, new floors, new furniture, new window treatments, install a gas fireplace (which means running gas lines and getting a tank)...oh, yeah, we're gonna do it all.  I'm gung-ho on this project. We will have it completed and when we do, we're having people over. You hear that, husband? We're going to be social.  Ooh....maybe even do a monthly game night - we could alternate hosting with other people... that could be fun...the gears in my head are turning...
We've actually got the process started, and Lowes will be coming out to get measurements for the new floor this week. I'm excited. But mostly, I can't wait to be done with all of this. I tired of looking at paint samples and tired of spending copious amounts of time on Pinterest (my new obsession) looking at living room ideas. Just fix it already. That's all.

4.) Spend less time on the computer and more time reading books

I've actually toyed several times with the idea of deleting my facebook account. I'd never do it, though, because it is such a good way to keep up with everyone. I find myself putting off other things (folding laundry, vacuuming, emptying the dishwasher) so I can "check it one more time." Heaven forbid  I miss a notification that someone has posted on my wall or that I've gotten a message.  I mean, really? My computer will not blow up if I don't log on.  It's so easy to just sit down and pop open the laptop. The kids will be "watching"  (I use the term "watching" loosely as this usually means that Fresh Beat Band is blaring in the background while the boys are chasing each other through the house.) the television, so I'll just pick up my computer to check my email (personal and business), my facebook (personal and business), my blog, log on to my forums, then back to facebook, google something random that just popped into my head, get on Pinterest and spend waaay too much time fantasizing about crafts that I will never in a million years have enough time or patience to make.  There's also the hours I spend editing photos AFTER I get home from work where I spend 90% of my 11 hour day on a computer. I NEED TO STEP THE EF AFK.  (away from keyboard....see, I shouldn't even know that...)  So, I've decided I need to give myself a computer curfew. No matter what, I have to be off the computer at a certain time and I cannot log back on for the rest of the evening. Instead I need to spend that time reading one of the four hundred and fifty books that I have bought and have yet to read.  I'm serious. I have books that I bought when I was on bed rest when I was pregnant with Grayson that I haven't even remotely started reading. I used to love reading, and I'd spend quite a bit of my free time reading. I want my kids to be into reading and books, too. I certainly can't expect that of them if I'm not giving that example. I used to love going to the library and finding the perfect book. I fear that this will prove to be the hardest resolution to keep.  Computer access is so easy for me. I have a work computer, an iPhone, and a laptop. I literally have internet everywhere I go.  I'm not addicted to it - when I'm preoccupied with something else, the internet is the furthest thing from my mind - but it's that idle time that gets me. So, less computer, more time reading a good book - preferably while lying in bed and maybe I can catch up on some sleep!

And that concludes this week's exciting edition of List Sunday!  I need some ideas for next week's List Sunday.... suggest away, Dear Readers!