Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sheet Conundrum

I'm a tightwad.  Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, I just hate spending money.  Generally, I will spend hours scouring over the internet researching whatever item I am currently looking for - regardless of cost.  But, the one thing that I will spend a pretty penny on is sheets.  I am such a snob sucker when it comes to sheets.  I don't buy them very often because they are expensive, and it's hard for me to come to terms with spending $100 on a set.  But, alas, it is time for the big purchase.
Luckily, because of a mishap with a JCPenney order, I have a $50 coupon code for the store.  Also luckily, this is where I purchase my sheets.
Woohoo! Win-win situation! I get new sheets AND don't have to spend $100 to get them.
Here's the thing.
The sheets I love and already have a set of (Chris Madden 500 thread-count 100% ring spun cotton damask striped) will cost me $45 after my $50 credit.  This is a great deal.

But, now I'm all "$45 for flippin' sheets! That's INSANE!! Do you know what I could do with 45 dollars!?! Not spend it on sheets, that's for sure!! AND I could just find something else to spend my $50 credit on. Do I really need sheets?"
YES. Yes, Stacey, we really do.
Somebody smack me and tell me that $45 for a $95 set of sheets is an awesome deal. It's over 50% off!
We really need them. I mean, seriously need them. We have 3 sets of sheets right now, and one of them is starting to get a little hole worn in them.   Speaking of, how many sets of sheets do you have? I'm curious, because to me, 3 sets just seems like such a low number. I feel like I should 10 sets put up in the closet. I wash our sheets at least once a week and I try to always have a set clean. It is inevitable that after I wash them, the boys' cups will leak on them or something.  How often do you wash your sheets? To me, there is nothing like fresh, clean sheets on the bed. I'd seriously wash them everyday if I had the time.
So, I guess I'm off here to spend some money. I've come to terms with spending the money, now I'm just having a hard deciding what color.  Our bedroom is done in blues and browns.  We currently have this sheet set in slate blue. (It's the one that's getting a hole in it.)  Now, do I buy another set in the slate blue, so I have enough matching pillowcases for our pillows? OR, do I buy the sheets in brown to have a different color all together? (We have both a blue comforter and a brown comforter, so either color of the sheets would compliment a comforter.)  A cream or ivory is out of the question - we have 2 kids, 3 dogs and a cat. I am not spending that kind of money of sheets only for them to show every little stain and spot.
What to do? What to do?
This actually might be the reason why I don't buy sheets more often: I hate making color decisions! I'm just not very good at it.

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Veronica said...

lol I have that problem with sheets too! My favorite pair, and the ones most used because they are so soft are a red Nautica set I got at a super sale at Bed, Bath, & Beyond years ago. They are getting old but I refuse to give them up because they are so much nicer than the other 3 sets of Walmart sheets we have and I only use when I don't get the red ones washed! lol As to that, I try to wash them every week, but sometimes it can end up being up to 2 weeks! Eek, I always feel so dirty! lol