Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I am an idiot.
Remember the outfit from THIS BLOG ENTRY? The one that I spent an enormous amount time mulling over for my class reunion last summer?
I decided I was going to wear those white pants on Easter.
But then on Easter morning, when I put them on for the FIRST TIME AFTER my reunion - well - I didn't put them on because THEY WOULDN'T FIT.
I am an idiot.
One - For not trying them on anytime before 20 minutes before we were leaving for church
And two-  For thinking that after cooking/baking/eating like Paula Deen for the past 6 months I hadn't gained any weight.

So, after reading that some of my friends were doing the INSANITY workout, I decided I'd do it too. I was determined to get back in those pants - without altering them.
Like I said - eeedeeeuht.
I am also incredibly stupid to think I was even in the same realm of fitness as my friends.  Let's face it, my idea of exercise is making my way to the refrigerator to get a snack while the next episode of Grey's Anatomy is loading on Netflix.  I don't exercise. I don't work-out. I don't Zumba. I don't do any of these physical activities that any sane person would be even remotely involved in before they decided to jump into a program called INSANITY. Because, you know what? That'd be INSANELY STUPID.
Eye-dee-ten-tee (ID10T)
I have 2 kids, I said. Toddlers, I said. 2 very active toddlers. And that makes me active by default, I said. I should have told myself to eat a cookie and shut up.
But, instead I shoved the dvd into the player and started the very first workout: the Fit Test. I say started, because that's what I did. I started it.
I had to take a break AFTER THE WARM-UP.
But, in a completely strange shift in the universe, I have actually stuck with the program so far. Granted, it's only been a week, but I have done it.
Perhaps I will show my before and after pictures once I am finished with the program.  We'll just have to see how big of an idiot I actually am. :)



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