Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I am an idiot.
Remember the outfit from THIS BLOG ENTRY? The one that I spent an enormous amount time mulling over for my class reunion last summer?
I decided I was going to wear those white pants on Easter.
But then on Easter morning, when I put them on for the FIRST TIME AFTER my reunion - well - I didn't put them on because THEY WOULDN'T FIT.
I am an idiot.
One - For not trying them on anytime before 20 minutes before we were leaving for church
And two-  For thinking that after cooking/baking/eating like Paula Deen for the past 6 months I hadn't gained any weight.

So, after reading that some of my friends were doing the INSANITY workout, I decided I'd do it too. I was determined to get back in those pants - without altering them.
Like I said - eeedeeeuht.
I am also incredibly stupid to think I was even in the same realm of fitness as my friends.  Let's face it, my idea of exercise is making my way to the refrigerator to get a snack while the next episode of Grey's Anatomy is loading on Netflix.  I don't exercise. I don't work-out. I don't Zumba. I don't do any of these physical activities that any sane person would be even remotely involved in before they decided to jump into a program called INSANITY. Because, you know what? That'd be INSANELY STUPID.
Eye-dee-ten-tee (ID10T)
I have 2 kids, I said. Toddlers, I said. 2 very active toddlers. And that makes me active by default, I said. I should have told myself to eat a cookie and shut up.
But, instead I shoved the dvd into the player and started the very first workout: the Fit Test. I say started, because that's what I did. I started it.
I had to take a break AFTER THE WARM-UP.
But, in a completely strange shift in the universe, I have actually stuck with the program so far. Granted, it's only been a week, but I have done it.
Perhaps I will show my before and after pictures once I am finished with the program.  We'll just have to see how big of an idiot I actually am. :)



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Veronica said...

haha you make me laugh! But you'll do fine! But that is why I started with Rockin' Body, Sean T isn't nearly as E-V-I-L in it as he is in Insanity! It was a good starting place! (Though going and getting knocked up right after does kind of ruin the effects and kill the idea of starting on Insanity!)

Katie Valentine said...

aww, there's no such things as starting easy and then going hard... good for you for just jumping right into something challenging! :P it's a challenge, but let me tell you how much better i feel!! keep it up girl!