Monday, May 14, 2012


I know, I know. I'm supposed to be doing a giveaway - and I will! There's just been a little hold up.

So, because you all have been so patient and kind, I will go on and tell you what the fabulous awesome giveaway is.

I will be giving away an Envy Push-Up Bathing Suit from Voda Swim!  The Envy Push-Up suit instantly adds 1-2 cups sizes without being waterlogged. And they're cuuuute to boot!   I'm just waiting on my suit to arrive so I can review it, and then I can give one away!

Here's just a few of the styles they have:

I will post details and all that good stuff in due time.  :) So, in the meantime, head over the website and look at the many different suits they have.  One lucky reader will receive the suit of their choice!

Want to get an extra early bird entry?  Go to our official Facebook page and become a fan. THEN, you must SHARE the link on your facebook. Facebook is delightful and will tell me who shares my statuses, so with just a click I can see who's actually shared. The folks that share my page will get an extra entry in the giveaway.

The goal here is to get readership up. When readership goes up, I get to give more awesome cool stuff away - and EVERYONE loves free stuff!! :) So share, share, share, y'all!


Even if you are a fan of Spit-Up and Stilettos on Facebook, you still have to be a follower ON THIS BLOG in order to be eligible for the suit! 

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Lorena said...

I can't wait for this giveaway!