Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tequila can't fix my problems, but it's worth a shot

- A drunk driver drove through my aunt and uncle's home. Their house is a total loss. They have been displaced to a hotel until they can get into a rental. They're not sure if the home is structurally sound enough to even go in to get their belongings out.
- In the midst of my aunt and uncle's unfortunate circumstance, my 97 year old great-grandmother passed away.
- We left for vacation from her funeral.
- Had a car accident while on vacation. Thankfully, no one was injured, but my beloved car was not driveable.  Since the accident happened on a weekend and out-of-state, my insurance company has not been what I could call "helpful."
- Rented a car so we could get home. Had to pay out of pocket because the insurance adjuster doesn't work on the weekends.
- Chris had to drive the car BACK to the same place we picked up - 4 hours away - because there is a $500 drop-ship rate to drop the car off at a location out of state. My insurance will not cover this fee. Luckily ( I guess you would consider this lucky!)  his family is still in the area and he can ride back home with them.
- Finally get the call that my car is repaired and ready at the body shop (which is 4 hours away). Drive 4 hours with my mother to pick up my car.  Get there and there a huge fresh scratch down the driver's door.  I point it out to the body shop dude and in turn he tells me to call my insurance company. AGAIN.
- Call my agent while standing in the body shop parking lot and tell him about the scratch. He tells me to take pictures, but to go ahead and drive home.
- Drive home.  Take car to insurance agent to let him see the damage from the body shop.  He calls a local body shop. They tell me to bring my car in.
- Rent ANOTHER car.
- This car breaks down the first night I have it. On my way home from work. Call the rental agency, since it's after regular business hours, they tell me I have to go 2 hours away to Nashville to the airport to get a replacement vehicle, but that I could ride with their "recovery truck driver." Thanks, but no thanks.  It's the closest one that's open 24 hours.  I decide to wait until the next day and hit up on the local stores.
- Call one of the local car rental places. They inform me that they do not have any vehicles available. Call around to 4 other places.  The closest place that has a car available is 1 1/2 hours away at the Army base. Shoot me in the face, please.
- Go to my hair appointment instead of dealing with this problem. I need someone to massage my scalp, please.
- While at the salon, the car rental place calls and tells me they have a car for me. FANTASTIC.
- Drive new rental for a week while my car is being repaired from the scratch.
- Get my car back! Yay!
- Have my car for about 2 weeks and drive it work.
- The bumper (the newly replaced one) FALLS OFF OF MY CAR WHILE IT'S JUST SITTING IN THE PARKING LOT.
- Call the body shop to tell them that the DAMN BUMPER FELL OFF IN THE PARKING LOT. They tell me to "Run it by and they'll take a look." Remind them that I live 4 hours away and that I will not, ever, be "just running by."
- Utilize my redneck skills and duct tape the sucker back on.
- Replace duct tape periodically.
- Pour more wine.
- Repeat last 2 steps as needed.