Tuesday, June 28, 2016

{Product Review!} : TheUpbra!

So, most of you know that I'm a card carrying member of the IBTC (That's itty bitty titty committee)
I spend a ridiculous amount of money on padded bras and bathing suits - probably so much so, that I could have actually paid for a boob job at this point with what I've spent.
I have countless internet searches devoted to looking for a new must-have contraption to make my boobs look bigger or fuller or anything to make me not look like a 13 year old boy. :/

During one of these random internet searches, I came across something called the Upbra.  It promised to give me cleavage.  It promised to give me OOMPH.  I read so many reviews and they all said the same thing: YOU NEED THIS BRA.

I'm sold.

But, wait, there's more! It's not just a bra that gives you cleavage - it's a bra that lets you CHOOSE how much of the girls you want to show off! Whaaat? YES. It's adjustable!

UpBra bras are the world's first fully adjustable cleavage lift-up bra. Now you can set the degree of lift and cleavage that you want, when you need it, and exactly how you want with any outfit.

I tried my hand at making a video to post on here, but I am not skilled enough to do that and kept flashing the camera...soooo.... yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, I'll show you some before and after pictures of me in a regular everyday bra, a push-up bra from Victoria's Secret and the Upbra.

But, if you go here:


You'll get to see what the fuss is all about!

Here you go!

This is me in a regular, everyday bra:

This is me wearing the Miraculous Bra from Victoria's Secret.

This is me in the Upbra!

Okay, so seriously, go watch the videos. The lighting in my bathroom sucks and it's hard to see, but there is some definite cleavage and lift happening in that last picture!!
I'll say this: The husband even noticed...so. IT WORKS!!

It's totally worth the money, BUT, the fabulous staff from Upbra has given me a coupon code that my readers can use to save 10%!!!

Just use: WB-10P-13 at check out!!

I promise, you won't be disappointed and it's worth the money!!